Another app for sports fans: SNAPFAN

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Few weeks ago I was talking about Scorem which is a beta platform where football fans can debate and give their opinions about wide topics related to football. I thought it was interesting to notice that pro football player Joey Barton was hugely involved in the development of Scorem, predicting more athletes get involved into digital dev.

Well, SNAPFAN was launched yesterday in France by the French international rugby player Fred Michalak (Toulon -TOP14) and a tech company name The Spark.


The concept of Snapfan is quite cool as if not revolutionary. The idea is simple, it helps the fans to share their sport cheering to the world. A simple snap of the game they’re attending or even a selfie with one of the players, Snapfan allows you to customize that photo adding frames, scores, places, and other details related.

The app is available on the app store and Google Play (soone) is free.

Alexandre Roty

Alexandre Roty

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