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Yesterday while I was doing my daily Twitter monitoring wtih @theotherpitch I saw a tweet from the infamous Joey Barton. Well we all pretty much know him, football player but also wide thinker, Barton is not afraid to say what he thinks about football and other topics. Like him or not, he’s got over 2 millions followers on Twitter. In a world where most of all the pro players are delivering the same sterilized talks and thoughts, a lad like Joey Barton is a bit refreshing I reckon.

Anyway get back to the topic. This tweet from Barton rang a bell to me:


I clicked and then discovered You get straightaway what is it all about: football of course.





The concept is simple. Users ask for question about football with 2 possible answers. Every answer is displayed by an image. You click the answer/image you believe is right for you and it gives you the general trend about the question.


Ok cool you think, but what for? Debate. The idea is to bring a new place online where people can talk and debate about football. Well you can do that on forums you tell me, or even trash eurosport articles with your comments to light a debate.

So yes, Scorem is just another place where you can raise your opinion about football. It just looks, for me, way more current (easy sharing functions) and attractive than a cold forum.


The site is still on beta version at the moment and First10 Agency and Mister Barton himself drove the whole project.


It looks like PUMA is also involved on the project but it’s still not clear at what level. I guess this kind of website can lead to commercial opportunities if it gains enough traction in the future.

Football is huge we know that, so maybe having a neutral – by this I mean non part of any media – online hub where people can talk on a funny and serious way about le ballon is a promising strategy.



It’s also interesting to notice the involvement of Joey Barton in the project as he replied in his tweet to me. After VivaRonaldo (a totally different concept though) and now Scorem, it looks like more players are keen on taking the digital turn with different leverages, which is a really good thing. About time!



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