Sony is bringing the debate to your living room for the World Cup

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Sony, which is an official partner for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, released its own social media network in order to bring more debates and conversations between the football fans all over the world about their national teams.

one stadium live par sony

One Stadium Live is a pretty slick and simple platform working on desktop and mobile.  Working solely with Twitter, Facebook and Google + but offering different languages, One Stadium Live displays different feeds including the fans opinions but also the latest hot news from the tournament.

one stadium live 2014

I had a look and I think it’s quite clean to be honest. No bots, no annoying RTs or chit-chats, it seems that the monitoring and filtering of the content is very effective. Produced by Isobar agency in London, One Stadium Live would have a dedicated team along the World Cup to monitor the conversations between the fans to assure a good flow of content without spammers.


This month more than 60% of the global tweets will be about the World Cup in Brazil – which is massive. One Live Stadium seems to be like a great and easy to use tool along the games broadcasting. Eventually you would be able to share your feelings, talk about tactics or event make critics from your sofa, like a BOSS!

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