TOP 10 most followed athletes on Social Media – July 2014

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Like every month it’s time to look at the Top 10 most followed athletes on social media including facebook, twitter and instagram. Who made the cut this month? How the FIFA world cup impacted the fan base growth? Were my predictions from last month Top 10 right? Check out the infographic below to find out!

This Top 10 is based on the total amount of followers on facebook, twitter and instagram on the 15th of july 2014.

All these athletes are still active in their sport.

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This month the main change happened at the top of the rank; like I predicted last month Kaka is eventually out of the Top3 and this is not Dwayne Johnson who stole his place but Brazil’s wonder-kid Neymar! It’s not really a surprise though regarding the last few month growth.

However it is very interesting to notice the speed growth of Neymar fan base on social media. In the last 30 days Neymar gained more than 18 million followers! This is massive. More than 3 million of them were just on Instagram. Notice as well that it’s still more than Ronaldo and Messi growth (both respectively around 7.5 million) on the same period. Ronaldo is still very marketed though, having played less games than Messi during the World Cup, he get as many followers than Messi, who is still not on Twitter.



Also, Ronaldinho who was not part of the selecao grew an impressive 5 million fans last month despite not taking part of the World Cup.


Otherwise the rest of the rank is not changing this month, except that little move in the middle because of Neymar winning 2 places. German’s World Cup winner Mesut Ozil is still closing the Top 10 despite an impressive amount of selfies posted in the last few days…



Kobe Bryant is still 11th, Indian Cricket supertar Sachin Tandukar is still 12th but growing fast (almost get 1 million new followers in the last 30 days), followed by Usain Bolt and Roger Federer. Russian model-tennis player Maria Sharapova is still the first women around the 17th place despite an early way out from this year Wimbledon tournament.


Finally to get back to Neymar, last january FC Barcelona’s striker was reaching 30 million fans. 6 months later he doubled his audience so I can imagine that he will take over Messi very soon. But is he going to be “cool” enough to overtake Ronaldo at some point?

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