TOP 10 most followed athletes on Social Media – June 2014

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Here we go again, like every single month it is time to look at how the pro athletes are performing with Social Medias including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now that the World Cup in Brazil just started, it would be interesting to notice some changes in the rank compared to last month. Want to know the top 10 for this month? Check the infographic below!

This Top 10 is based on the total amount of followers on facebook, twitter and instagram on the 17th of june 2014.

All these athletes are still active in their sport.

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Like most of the time we can notice that the top of the rank is not really moving yet. However Kaka is still loosing ground to Dwayne Johnson and Neymar – who gained more than 6m followers overall in a month compared to less than 2 million for Kaka – so the swap will be happening soon, probably leveraged by the FIFA world cup.


Also it’s interesting to notice the incredible size of Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan base.

More than 32% of the overall audience (363,124,686) is “owned” by the Portuguese player (118,764,986) which is MASSIVE.

In the bottom of the rank few changes occurred as usual. Compared to last month, Lakers’ Kobe Bryant is out of the Top 10, Ronaldinho is gaining one place to Iniesta who is now 9th. Maybe the spaniard is following the current decline happening to the Spanish team at the World Cup after an historical defeat 5-1 against the Netherlands…


Eventually Germany and Arsenal’s midfielder Mesut Ozil is re-entering the Top 10 this month having reach the 1 million follower mark on Instagram.


Talking about Instagram, Miami Heat’s Lebron James was the most followed athlete in the world on Instagram until now but he has just lost his crown to Brazil’s wonder-kid Neymar Jr. The Brazilian gained an impressive 1.5 million new followers on the photo sharing app in the last 30 days; probably helped by the last Nike Football commercial mocking his selfie madness… Nevertheless, Neymar is now the most followed athlete on Instagram in the world, and I bet he will get way more traction in the next few weeks.


neymar instagram


Under the radar, Usain Bolt is still around ranking 13th loosing one place to… Sachin Tandulkar. Never heard of him? Yes me neither, before. Cricket’s God from India, 41, got an impressive 24 million fan base cumulated on Facebook and Twitter. Can’t wait to see him joining the top 10 when he will open an Instagram account obviously. Kobe Bryant being 11th, this is Roger Federer who is slipping to the 14th place.


Sachin-Tendulkar social media


In the next few weeks the World Cup in Brazil would be the main sporting event with Wimbledon and Le Tour de France (can’t wait for this), so do you predict any big change coming?


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