TOP 10 most followed athletes on Social Media – October 2014

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It this this time of the month again where we look at the top 10 most followed athletes on social media including facebook, twitter and Instagram. Who’s out of the rank this month compared to last month? What’s the big outcome this month? Check the infographic below who’s still in the top 10!

This Top 10 is based on the total amount of followers on facebook, twitter and instagram on the 14th of october 2014.

All these athletes are still active in their sport.

top 10 most followed athletes on social media top 10 most followed athletes on social media top 10 most followed athletes on social media top 10 most followed athletes on social media


As you may notice there is not a lot of movement compared to last month. Actually there just John Cena who lost his 6th place benefiting Brazil’s football player – now playing in Mexico – Ronaldinho. Otherwise the top 10 is the same than last month and with no major sporting event coming up anytime soon, it should not move a lot.


Meanwhile the big news of this month is Cristiano Ronaldo who is still cruising on the top. He is the first athlete in the world, without surprise, to win 100,000 fans on facebook. This is a big milestone as if it was highly anticipated. To celebrate, Ronaldo release the video below:


With an average of 54 new fans per minute there is no doubt that Ronaldo is going to stay on the stop of the social media train for a while; and there is not secret, the image of the Portuguese is extremely well managed, he’s good looking and his performances on the pitch are epic at the moment. What else could you ask for?

Alexandre Roty

Alexandre Roty

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