TOP 10 most followed athletes on Social Medias – April 2014

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Like every month it’s time to look at our rank of the top 10 most followed athletes on social medias including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do you predict any change this month compared to last month rank? Let’s find out!

This top 10 is based on facebook, twitter and instagram counts on April 15th 2014.

It represents the athletes who are still in activity. The format is slightly different this month as I’m presenting you the results with an infographic, hope you like it!


Well, compared to last month rank, there is actually no change at all. No new comer in the Top 10. However like the last few months trend, I notice that Kaka is still growing very slow compared to the others.
I think that he may loose his 3rd place before the World Cup starts.

Shall we bet? What do you think?

Alexandre Roty

Alexandre Roty

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