TOP 10 most followed athletes on Social Media – March 2014

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Like every month it’s time to look at the most followed athletes on social medias. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, what sportsman got the biggest audience and influence on their community? Well it’s time to find out!

Notice that the rank below is established with the sum of followers on facebook, twitter and instagram. Numbers were picked up on March 14th 2014.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Total
Cristiano Ronaldo 75,606,470


3,984,691 104,522,626
Leo Messi 54,760,714 2,566,533 57,327,247
Kaka 26,452,691 18,286,691 1,574,533 46,313,915
Dwayne Johnson


6,859,274 3,003,824 38,464,587
Lebron james 16,743,164 12,005,195 5,145,409 33,893,768
Neymar 18,417,244 9,978,284 4,165,714 32,561,242
John Cena 21,104,332 5,960,591 176,537 27,241,460
Iniesta 17,238,251 8,149,271 409,788 25,797,310
Kobe Bryant 18,315,117 4,503,077 2,183,974 25,002,168
Ronaldinho Gaucho 14,664,190 8,620,823 0 23,285,013


You may have notice a new entry in the top 10 this month, Brazil’s football legend Ronaldinho Gaucho who’s taking the last spot instead of Roger Federer. Like the Swiss Ronaldinho isn’t on Instagram yet but he manages to top over 20 millions fans.



Otherwise the rank hasn’t changed at all compared to last month. Ronaldo is still leading the pack with a comfortable lead; however I noticed that Kaka has got the slowest overall growth this month among all the athletes in the Top 10. He still got a comfortable margin though before “The Rock” wins his entry on the podium.



Will Federer come back in the Top 1o next month? Well if he goes on Instagram he might!

Alexandre Roty

Alexandre Roty

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