What have you done, Rio?

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This morning former Manchester United and England player Rio Ferdinand tweeted the following on his personal twitter account:


So you’re probably thinking what’s wrong with Rio’s attitude on Twitter this morning?

I mean he’s just expressing his thoughts right?

And he’s not even taking a side in the current Middle-East conflict. So what’s wrong then?

And then few minutes later he tweeted the following:  



Well what’s the point then? Is this really what people are expecting when they are following a pro athlete on Twitter?

As if I’m certain that Rio wasn’t aiming to hurt anyone, you can expect this kind of tweet to backfire. As a result plenty of users have been questioning Rio’s judgement as well as criticising him. Just because Rio thought the world needed to know his feeling about the ongoing conflict in Gaza; his personal image is now taking a serious beating, at least toward a certain type of audience.


For some he’s said too much, for other not enough and for the rest they’re just wondering why Rio Ferdinand is sharing this on Twitter.




It is important to remember an essential rule on social media for the athletes.

No Sex.

No Religion.

No Politics.

Follow this  rule and you will stay out of trouble. Almost.


Rio please don’t stop tweeting, you’re good at it, but sometimes maybe don’t forget about what your fans are following you for – not for political statements – as it could be perceived the wrong way.

Alexandre Roty

Alexandre Roty

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Alexandre Roty
  • Yohann

    There was also a heated Twitter discussion earlier today between Barton and Benayoun on the exact same topic…

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